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 KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]

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PostSubject: KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:10 pm

Shamelessly pulled off NA EnMasse forum:twisted: 

I. Preparation

a. Mindset
This is 20 member raid. Therefore it will be crowded, with lots of things happening at once that may make it hard to communicate. Only tanks, healers, and the raid leader should speak in the voice-chat to make important calls; such as debuff stacks on tank, or healing issues. Make sure you follow the raid leader’s instructions. Complaining or blaming others will not help you kill Kelsaik, so keep that negativity out of the raid.

b. Consumables
Healing Pots - Healing Potions, Draughts, Valkyon Health Potions, Valiant Potions, etc
Mana Pots - Mana Elixirs, Restoratives, Divine Infusions, etc
Scrolls - Savagery(DPS), Swiftness(Tank & Healer), Warding, & Dash
Miscellaneous - Combat Panacea, Arunic Panacea, Panaceaic Bolsters, Heart Potion, Eclipse Potion, DPS Nostrums
Others - Complete Crystalbind, Goddess Blessing, Greater Charms, etc

II. Raid Member Roles

a. Tank (Lancer / D-Stance Warrior)
For this raid you will need 2 or more tanks due to the debuff that stacks over time on the tank holding aggro. Whoever has the aggro, gets a debuff that stacks every 16 seconds and lasts for 60 seconds. Each stack will reduce your hp restoration. If you pass 5-6 stacks, you’ll receive almost no heals and cannot even use healing potions to replenish your health. The only way to survive past 5-6 stacks will be picking up Mystic’s healing motes. To avoid healing issues, tanks should rotate the aggro to other tanks between 3-4 stacks.
b. DPS (Melee / Range)
Your job as a DPS is very simple. You need to change your debuff at the right time, don’t get hit, and dps hard. Make sure to run away from your teammates once you get big/small circle. If you are a Berzerker, you can block everything.

c. Healer (Mystic / Priest)
There are two roles for healers in this fight, Tank healer(s), and Raid Healers. The Tank Healer stays in the front of Kelsaik with the tanks, slightly off to the side to avoid frontal damage from claws and stomps. Mystics are great for the role of a tank healer because their healing motes are able to restore HP to the tanks if they accidently take too many stacks. Also their teleport jaunt allows for easy mobility in changing their personal fire/ice debuff. Raid Healers are positioned behind Kelsaik with the DPS. Along with spam healing the raid, priests will have the additional duties of rotating casting the Energy Stars buff, and applying the endurance debuff from Triple Nemesis X (the Enfeebling Triple Nemesis glyph is needed for this). Even if you are a raid healer, it is important to always be aware of where the tanks are and be prepare to heal them if the tank healer dies. *No cleansing needed. Only debuff that can be cleansed will be the poison debuff when you get hit by the tail.

III. Basic Boss Patterns

a. Double Claw (Debuff change)
The Double Claw Stomp for Kelsaik’s Sanctuary is same pattern as Kelsaik’s Nest (hard mode). Always utilize the Double Claw to change your personal debuff (fire/ice). Just like in KNHM, you can get hit by the Double Claw from the front, sides, and behind the boss. However, the range the debuff covers has been extended. So even with all the dps and healers gathering up to change debuffs it won’t be that much a hassle. The Double Claw animation repeats every 40 seconds after the initial Double Claw at the start of the fight. However, when the boss’s health reaches certain percentages it forces the boss to do Fire AOE and then do Double Claw afterward. Similar to the same way Queen’s debuff stands can be forced by pushing her HP lower. It is important to note that the 40 second Double Claw timer resets on each forced debuff.

b. Fire AOE (Fire Pillars)
Kelsaik starts to use his Fire AOE attack once his health reaches 90%. As the raid is new we are still trying to determine if there is a timer for this animation. However Fire AOE can be forced at 90%, 65%, 60%, 50%, and 15% hp. There are two parts to this attack animation. The first damage is from the fire AOE at Kelsaik’s feet and the second is in the form of small fire pillars that spawn in a octagonal form around Kelsaik. You can block the fire in this attack if you are a lancer, warrior, or zerker. Other classes should dodge the first fire damage around Kelsaik and go towards the Kelsaik in order to evade follow-up fire pillar hits. Or stay away from Kelsaik for 33m during this attack. Also this animation is followed by the Double Claw attack.

c. Ice AOE
The ICE AOE attack is a frosty hail-storm looking effect that occurs in a circle around him. There is a repeat timer for Ice AOE but nobody knows exact time yet. In order to dodge, simply get away from Kelsaik more than 22m(behind). Kelsaik is not in the exact center of this AOE effect so the frontal AOE zone has longer range. So make sure you run further than 22 meters out if you are tank healer. Since each tick of the Ice AOE doesn't hit you for big damage you can use this AOE to change your debuff to ice as a last resort (as always you want to avoid taking extra damage). To change your debuff to ice using this attack you can “jump” towards the ice from the outer area and you will get knockdown after one tick but your debuff will now be ice.

d. Big Jump / Small Jump
Similar to KNHM, you don't have to worry about Small jump and the Big Jump will always jump towards whoever has the aggro. The Big Jump has a longer “preparing” animation before the jump compared to the small jump. So the tanks should walk towards backside a little and everyone else should either use dodging skills at the right time or get 30m away from the tank.

* If you are DPS and held the aggro before it starts animation for big jump, even if the Kelsaik is not facing towards you, it has high chance that Kelsaik will jump on you. Then just stay near the tank. And use any iframe skill to survive.

e. Small Circle (Yellow Circle)
Anyone in raid, except tank, can get the small yellow circle randomly with the message showing up. This small circle will blink with arrows for 10 times and once it disappears, lands massive amount of damage. First thing to do if you have the small circle, get away from other members. And use either iframe skill to dodge or dash scroll to walk out. It would be better to use count the arrow blinkings and dodge it but if you lost counts then use dash scrolls.

*If you get small circle during Fire Breath, make sure you are grouped up with more than 6-8 members. The damage will spread out and wont one shot you.(everyone should be fully healed beforehand)

f. Big Circle (Red Circle)
Again, anyone but tank can gets this big red circle randomly. It’s very similar to Poison Circle attack the 1st boss of AC does. If you get the circle, run towards the wall to “drop” it and walk out once it is an effect ground. It is important to get this to a wall because it continues to cause damage if you stand in it. As this is already a healing intensive fight you want to take as little damage as possible.

g. Fire Breath (Crystal Phase)
Once Kelsaik goes below 50% health he will start doing Fire Breath. (Debuff note: Kelsaik will do Double Claws right before he goes up and again right when he comes down). Once he goes up the crystal spawns in middle of the field, and has around 1 million hp. Everyone should use normal attacks ONLY and make the crystals down to 20-30%. And then use skills to break it at the right time on the raid leaders call.
h. HP Restoration Reduction Debuff (Whoever holds aggro)
In KN Raid, whoever holds the aggro gets debuff. Which stacks every 16 seconds and more stacks you have, lesser healing you will receive.(including using potion) If you get more than 6 stacks, your hp restoration will be 0%. And the only way to heal yourself is picking up Mystic’s healing mote. In order to remove the debuff, you simply need to not have the aggro for 60 seconds.

i. Adds Spawning
If many people have died and your raid has less than 12 people alive, Kelsaik will start to spawn adds. These adds do hit hard and can be pretty annoying. They will go around and start attacking random people. The best way to deal with these adds is to kill them as soon as they spawn.

III. Phases

a. 100%-90% HP
Kelsaik does nothing but double claws and normal attackings. Use this time to position the boss and the raid at the right place while dpsing.

b. 90%-70% HP
At 90%, Kelsaik will cast Fire AOE then do Double Claws. After 30sec, he will cast Ice AOE before the Double Claws so do not try to get too close to his feet. After that, Kelsaik will either: big jump ? fire aoe or 3/4 normal attacks ? fire aoe ? big jump. If everyone is aware of these patterns, it wont be that hard to reach 70% at the end of these cycles.

c. 70%-60%
At 70%, there is a double claws. Then there wont be any aoe attacks until next double claws (30sec). And if you get the second double claws, Kelsaik will cast both fire and ice aoe. But if you can out dps and make it under 60% before the second double claws, there wont be any aoe casting.

d. 60%-50%
As mentioned earlier, at 60%, it will cast Fire aoe and do Double Claws. And if you skipped aoes at 70-60% phase, you’ll see double fire aoe. And Kelsaik will do Ice aoe right before the second double claws. It will be safer to stay away and wait for the aoes.

e. 50%-15%
Same as before. Once it hits 50%, Kelsaik will do fire aoe and Double Claws. Also he will do Ice aoe before the second Double Claws. After the second double claws, Kelsaik will go up the hills for fire breath. After it comes down from fire breath, it’ll do double claws first. And face towards tank to do big jump.(it might not if it did big jump before it went up) Then casts 3 normal attacks and ice aoe. And this is the pattern for the first fire breath.
After first fire breath, Kelsaik will always cast both fire and ice aoe once it comes down. And sometimes Kelsaik casts aoe before going up the hills.
1) Fire aoe before going up hill : Comes down, ice aoe, double claws, then turn towards tanks.
2) Ice aoe before going up hill : Comes down, fire aoe, double claws, then turn towards tanks.
3) Fire and Ice aoe before going up hill : Comes down, double claws, then turn towards tanks.

f. 15%-0%
This is a pure DPS race. You have 1min (60sec) to kill the Kelsaik or your whole team will die. Kelsaik will get buffs that increase his power and attackspeed after the 60 seconds. Once Kelsaik reaches 15.1%, stop the dps and rebuff everyone to have max damage during the push. Wait for Kelsaiks to do his Fire Breath. Once it comes down, everyone can change their debuffs to a fresh one so no swapping of debuff will need to occur during the push since the debuff lasts 90 seconds. For tanks, do anything you can to keep the aggro. If you have 3 Lancers, it’s not hard to keep the aggro during entire 15%. Also since this is such a short period of time, there is no need to swap the aggro, just heal through the debuff. Tank Kelsaik at the wall (to maximize dps) and start the dps race. If you ever fail to dps in time, make sure all the sorcs use hailstorm and stoneskin to prevent the boss to reset. Everyone else should use rebirth or goddess blessing to res up. Similar to other phases, dps race will start with fire aoe, then repeat every 50sec. So expect to see another fire aoe at 10sec remaining.

IV. Tank Positioning

There are two types of tank positioning that can be used for this fight. Wall Tanking and Circular Tanking. Most players in KTera prefer to go with Circular Tanking to provide larger space for DPS/Healers to change debuffs. Our guild uses Circular tanking for the majority of the fight and swaps to Wall Tanking for the last 15%.

Here’s how to Circular Tank:
a. Move Kelsaik clockwise. You can also do counterclockwise but makes harder for DPS to get towards ice foot sometimes.
b. Make sure the ice foot of Kelsaik stays on the line of the circle.(See picture below)
c. Do not move backward unless you are trying to reposition him. Kelsaik will push you towards back a little on each attacks.
d. You can use Kelsaik’s Big Jump to reposition him if needed. Simple take a few steps backward to where you want him to be after his animation. This way, you can manage to put Kelsaik inside the circle even if it’s out of position. Also helps ranges to get further from Kelsaik.

As we are still learning, be sure to check back often for more information and further timing details as we learn more.

** If you found this guide helpful, please vote for Terarist on Mount Tyrannas for Northern Shara **

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PostSubject: Re: KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:46 pm

tnx for the info bro it will help all the ppl ^^
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PostSubject: Re: KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]   Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:12 am

Best that we can all read and watch the youtube and then form a good ilvl156/7 raid to go try it. Invest more in crystals XD
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PostSubject: Re: KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]   Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]   

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KN20 Raid Information [Suggested Read]
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